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Featured this month...

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    • National Hygiene Excellence Academy Closed Facebook Page Link

  2. 2
    • PDT The Pineyro Arch Kit for Full Fixed Implants

    • PDT: Pineyro Arch T2 Instrument for Full Fixed Implants

    • PDT: Pineyro Arch T4 Implant Instrument

    • PDT: Pineyro Arch T4 Implant Instrument

  3. 3
    • National Hygiene Excellence Periodontal Guide to Staging/Grading and Treatment

    • Stephanie Botts Stretch your Forearm

    • NHE and Aspen Dental Webinar-Clinical Excellence

    • Leadership and the Future of Dental Hygiene: Dr. Marc Cooper and Sarah Varney

    • Dental Online Training and NHE: Wine and Unwind-Stop the Frustration

    • Stephanie Stretch you Piriformis

    • Sarah Varney: The Expanding Talent of Dental Hygiene

    • Dr. Marc Cooper: The Future Being of a Hygienist

    • Can a Toothbrush save life - Sonya Dunbar

    • Stephanie Stretch Your Trapezius

    • Telling It All About Teledentistry - Sonya Dunbar

    • Kari Carter-Cherelus on Diversity

    • Dr. Marc Cooper- 30 Second Gem: What Hygienists Need To BE

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