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National Hygiene Excellence aims to redefine and elevate the profession of Dental Hygiene in practices across the nation. Our triple-aim mission is to

  • Build leaders who understand the business side of dentistry in order to elevate patient outcomes,

  • Help scale vision-driven dental hygiene inside the practice, based on oral health as an extension of overall health, and​ ​

  • Develop dental hygienists who see themselves as integral leaders that facilitate positive interactions with staff members and patients.

Committed to developing skills in five core pillars of excellence.

Our industry-wide research has validated today's most pressing needs in the practice. Grounded in 5 core Pillars-of-Excellence, our programs are co-created with the foremost leaders in Hygiene and Dentistry.

  • Leadership

    Excel as a transformative leader in your profession and in your life.

  • Diplomacy/Teamwork

    Collaborate as a servant leader in your profession.

  • Dental/Medical Synergy

    Bridge the gap between dental and medical risks factors.

  • Clinical Excellence

    Assure best patient outcomes in prevention and treatment.

  • Business Excellence

    Learn what you need to know about the business side of your practice.

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A growing community of Hygiene leaders.

Join thousands of like-minded hygiene professionals as you continue your journey as a leader in your practice and beyond. Becoming a member is free; unlocking your potential is priceless.

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